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Europeans (including A2 and A8)

Typical issues which we deal with for an European (EEA and Swiss), A8 or A2 national

Most of the applications which we deal with for European (EEA and Swiss), A8 and A2 nationals relate to the rights of their Non-European spouses, partners or fiancees , as typically the situation of the European national is relatively straightforward.

A few days after the  A2 (Romanian and Bulgarian) national joined the EU, we won a case at the Immigration Tribunal to allow time under the ECAA to be aggregated with time under the A2 schemes.

We have also won appeals on "blue card" rights for A2 nationals, and although the procedure for making an application for an A2 card (blue card, yellow card or purple card) is straightforward, we have a lot of experience in these relatively simple applications.

The situation for A8 nationals and their spouses normally relates to them requiring a "Certificate of Approval" which is document granting permission to marry or enter a Civil Partnership in the UK.  We have obtained Certificates of Approval for partners to marry in the UK even when the foreign national was subject to deportation.  This is not necessarily straightforward.

It is quite common that we will also have to make applications under the Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) in order to obtain a COA, as often this has not been done already.  This too is a relatively straightforward application.

We also deal with residency applications, from all classes of European citizen.  For A2 nationals, these can be more involved, especially where there was a history of self employment under the ECAA scheme.